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Con Safos!

Boyfriend’s initials lol

Getting woken up by your boyfriend giving you head is the bestttt

"Faith man. You put it in the wrong things… It’ll fuck you up"

"faith, brother, not in the
but in

Charles Bukowski (via le-manja)

Don’t forget about your smile.


Look at their bellies!!!

"People don’t talk to me. They talk to my shadow, my body. They don’t talk to my soul. They never have."

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Because there are some people who touch you as if you are

beautiful, and at times that is the most unbearable thing that you can feel. And there are some people who

are so much that you can’t look at them without feeling as if every nerve is pushing out of your body to try to

touch his synapses, and you can’t tell if your body is betraying your heart or your heart is betraying your



Shinji Moon, from this post (via angryasianfeminist)

My life atm.